Beware Europe –  English  

Music composition & Arrangements, Keyboards, Piano & Programming,  Vocals : Alexander SEYTON
Music Video : Salomé AMOTH & Alexander SEYTON

“In all humanism, there is an element of weakness,
That is related with his contempt for fanaticism,
His tolerance and his love of doubt,
In one word, his natural goodness,
And this can, in certain circumstances,
Become fatal to him.
What would be needed today, is a militant humanism,
A humanism that asserts his manhood,
Enacting that the principle of freedom,
Tolerance and doubt,
Does not have the right to let himself
Be exploited and exceeded
By the shameless and doubtless fanaticism of his enemies.
Has European humanism become incapable
Of a combative rebirth of his ideas ?
If he is no longer aware of his own soul in a fight to start afresh,
Then he will perish, and Europe will only be history,
And all that remains for us will be
To seek refuge out of time and space”.
                                                                          Thomas Mann, “Beware Europe” – 1936

“We modern civilizations,
We too now know
That we are mortel like the others”.
                                                                         Paul Valéry, “The Krises of Mind” – 1939

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