Can World Religions Really Coexist ?

Music composition & Arrangements, Keyboards, Piano & Programming,  Vocals : Alexander SEYTON
Lyrics : Alexander SEYTON
Music Video : Salomé AMOTH & Alexander SEYTON

Can world religions really coexist ?
“If religions really are to leave on,
They will have to fulfill many demands.
They will, first of all, have to give up any form of power
Other than that of an unarmed speech.
They will, most of all,
Have to make compassion prevail over doctrinal stiffness
They will most of be required,
And this will be the most difficult part
To search in the very basis of their teachings,
This surplus left unsaid,
Thanks to which each one of them cab hope to join the others.
For it is not of the occasion of superficiel demonstrations,
Which remain competitions,
That real reconciliations are made : depth only can shorten distances.”  Paul Ricoeur

Religion, Spirituality, Faith, Intolerance, Fanaticism.

We can be spiritual without being religious.
Spirituality is not proselyte.
True and pure faith doesn’t need publicity.
True humility will never be ostentatious.

Sincere believers don’t need to be admired for their fervor. 
Religion is not a race.
Each human being belongs to the same race, the human race,
And no one can claim the monopoly of ethics.
God has nothing to do with politics.
Men use him to impose their own policy of controlling minds and bodies.
Actually, its never religion which has the political power.
It’s religious leaders who have it and hold on it,
Assuring to know what God wants.

When religions becomes a mass handling weapon,
God is condemned to be a perpetual war machine.
God, God, God…
God forever,
Perpetual war machine.